What you can expect from courier services in Singapore

For people who have not engaged courier services in Singapore, you probably do not know what to expect. Simply put, courier services is the premium delivery service where the deliveryman will come to your designated location to pick up your goods and then deliver them to your assigned recipient at a delivery location. The items will be handed over to the recipient by hand and usually, upon receipt of the items, the recipient will have to sign on the consignment note (a.k.a. delivery proof).

Apart from ordering the courier service from the courier company, you do not have to do anything else. The courier company will take care of the rest. Here’s a courier company in Singapore that you may be interested to look into:

Company Name: PCA Masters
Address: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969
Office Tel: 6681 5781

You may also be asking whether there are any tracking features provided by the courier companies in Singapore. Most of them do. There are many ways to track your courier deliveries in Singapore. For example, you can track via the tracking software on the courier companies’ websites or mobile application. In additional, you can call or email them to check your delivery statuses. It’s really up to you on how you want to do it.

However, the really good courier companies will eliminate your tracking needs. In another words, you will not be tracking your deliveries if you work with the top courier companies. This is because of 2 main factors – consistent prompt deliveries and passive notifications to you regarding the delivery statuses. You do not have to spend effort to actively track your courier deliveries.

Lastly, you may want to package your items properly before handing over them to the couriers. This is because couriers in Singapore do not provide packaging services. They deliver items on an as-in basis. The couriers will just grab your items, and then go to deliver the items.

Understanding the different types of Singapore courier services

There are different types of Singapore courier services available in the market.

Firstly, courier services in Singapore can be categorized according to service levels. The service levels vary in their delivery speeds. Usually, the latest delivery timing for customers are within the next day. However, there are exceptional cases where courier companies like PCA Masters are able to hold onto the customers’ items and deliver them at a future date longer than a day.

A higher service level as compared to next day deliveries is same day deliveries. This is the most frequently ordered courier service in Singapore. Same day deliveries will be completed anytime on the same day, and are usually ordered by corporate customers who have items to be delivered to another company within office hours.

Moving on, a higher service level as compared to same day deliveries are urgent courier service in Singapore. Urgent courier services can be in terms of 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours. The more urgent the delivery, the higher priced it is. Usually these time-sensitive deliveries are for important legal documents such as banking or tender documents.

Secondly, courier services in Singapore can also be categorized according to types of items being delivered. One type of items will definitely be documents and papers. These documents are light and small and can be transported by bikers. Another type of items will be medium-sized and large items which need to be delivered by vans. Examples of these items include large boxes, pull up banners, and computers. Due to the higher cost of vans, van deliveries are more expensive than bike deliveries. Therefore, you can expect to be charged more to deliver bulky items which can only be done via vans than delivering documents which can be done with a biker.

Thoroughly research the pricing provided by the courier companies in Singapore and know your delivery requirements. Find out if you have budget to engage the courier services for your deliveries.

How courier companies in Singapore are increasing market shares?

Market share is a very important figure for businesses and investors. It is frequently being used as one of the factors in determining the valuations of companies. Generally, the larger the market share, the larger the businesses’ valuations will be. Hence, all businesses including courier companies strive to increase their market shares. Now, the real question is, “How are courier companies in Singapore increasing their market shares?”

market share

Let me share with you what I know

1. Aggressive marketing
Market share can be gained through aggressive marketing. In order to get a large volume of customers, you first have to let them know about the existence of your business. Courier companies are finding innovative ways to market their courier services. Like other industries, courier companies in Singapore are starting to tap on the internet to market their businesses. Besides having a website, courier companies are also using social media to promote their websites. For instance, check out PCA Masters via https://plus.google.com/+PCAMastersSingapore. That is their Google+ page. Customers can get updates with regards to their courier services in that page. Besides Google+, courier companies like PCA also use Facebook and LinkedIn to promote their services. Social media marketing is really trendy now.

2. Networking with businesses
Courier companies are also networking with other businesses which are potential customers to get to know them more. Knowing more people will open up more opportunities for you. Corporate customers are sources of regular deliveries. Hence, they make up majority of the market share.

3. Making prompt deliveries
If courier companies can close sales but cannot deliver their promises of fulfilling deliveries promptly, the customers will leave them. Hence, market share will then decline. What’s the point of getting market share then losing it. The best way to retain market share is to show their customers that they are able to deliver promptly. This way, their market share will be steadily going up over time.

Top Singapore courier companies eliminates tracking needs

Tracking of courier deliveries in Singapore is an important feature to Singapore customers. Singapore customers want to track their courier deliveries so as to be updated with their delivery statuses. It comforts them and provides a sense of security to know what’s happening to their deliveries at all time. The feature of tracking the courier deliveries is an important factor to consider when customers are choosing between courier companies in Singapore.

If tracking is an important feature, why did my title mention that top Singapore courier companies eliminates tracking needs? Does it mean to say that top Singapore courier companies do not provide the tracking feature anymore?

That’s false.

What I mean by that title is that top courier companies in Singapore eliminates customers’ desire and need to monitor their delivery statuses. This is something few companies can achieve. For example, it’s what Singapore’s best courier firm, PCA Masters, is capable of doing. Here’s how they do it and this is exactly why they reached the top among courier companies rankings in Singapore within a short period of time. They do it via two methods – consistent prompt deliveries and regular updates.

If a courier company can consistently fulfill their deliveries promptly over a long term, their customers will naturally reduce or eliminate their desires to track their deliveries over time. Customers want to track their deliveries because they are not certain whether their deliveries will be completed on time. This mindset will be eliminated if they find that their deliveries are consistently fulfilled on time. When that happens, trust is developed between the courier company and the customers.

Furthermore, top courier companies like PCA Masters keep their customers updated about their delivery status. Their customers do not even need to track the deliveries themselves; PCA Masters will automatically inform them that their deliveries are successfully completed upon completion of deliveries. This is a value-adding service that will hugely reduce or eliminate customers’ desire to track deliveries themselves.

Top courier companies in Singapore are able to make their customers feel at ease with their deliveries. For all other courier companies, they have got some catching-up to do.

Why I almost always choose to outsource deliveries in Singapore

I almost always choose to outsource deliveries in Singapore. Unless the delivery location is somewhere that I will be passing by on the same day, or is somewhere near my location, I will choose to outsource deliveries to a courier company in Singapore. Some people may call me lazy, but I think that it is wise of me to do that.

1. Maximize my time for higher value activities
To me, delivery trips are low value activities. If I need to spend an hour to make the delivery myself, this hour will be lost opportunity cost for me. I could have used the hour for activities that would generate me more money. Ideally, the money I could make from this hour of work should cover the delivery cost. This is how wise people save their time for only the more important things in life. Let other people handle the less important and value work.

2. Courier companies can deliver more efficiently than me
If I will take an hour to find a place and get something delivered, the couriers could probably do it in half an hour. Couriers are already expert in navigating around Singapore. The average people could never beat them in delivering items in Singapore. This is assuming that the courier companies only take in capable couriers. Look for reliable courier companies such as PCAMasters and DHL as these courier companies train their couriers and ensure that their couriers are up to speed. Moreover, I might get lost trying to find the delivery location myself, even with the help of the Global Positional System (GPS). Hence, it’s better not to risk it and just outsource the deliveries to trust-able courier companies in Singapore.

3. I do not like manual labour
Delivering items are hard work, especially in a humid country like Singapore. Coupled with the fact that I perspire easily, I will definitely be drenched in sweat if I were to carry my items around under the hot sun. There’s a reason I look for desk-bound jobs.

Tracking your courier deliveries in Singapore

Real-time tracking of courier deliveries is a common feature offered by logistics companies all over the world. Many consumers would have tracked the statuses of their international shipments from their online purchases. Courier companies in Singapore also offer tracking feature for their customers as well. Even though the delivery duration is much shorter for local courier services as compared to international deliveries, some consumers are tracking the statuses of their deliveries because of the time sensitive nature of the deliveries. They would probably need their items to be delivered on an urgent basis and are concerned if the delivery can make it on time.

There are several ways to track the statuses of your courier deliveries in Singapore. The first method will definitely be using the tracking feature on the courier company’s website or mobile application. Take note of your delivery reference number in the courier booking confirmation as you will need to input this number in the tracking application to find out the delivery status of your item.

In addition, companies such as PCA Masters (http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore) have dedicated customer support staffs to attend to customers during office hours. If you are feeling lazy, simply call the courier company up to find out about the delivery status of your item. You should be able to get a near-instant reply for that. Just remember that you have to tell them your delivery reference number as well. Otherwise, you could tell them your name and other particulars (if needed, to verify your identity) so that they can find that delivery for you and get back to you.

The last method will be by emailing them to ask about the delivery status of your item. However, this is generally not recommended as emailing takes a much longer time than using their tracking application on their website and/or mobile application or by talking to them. By the time they get back to you, it may be hours after your email to them.

How to engage services of courier companies in Singapore

Following up on my tips to making sure your documents and parcels are secured for courier deliveries, I would like to share my insights on how to engage courier delivery services from courier companies in Singapore.

Now that you know what to look out for when choosing your courier company, the next step would be approaching them to engage their courier service.

engage courier services

Many courier companies in Singapore are very tech-savvy now. You will have most probably used the internet to find and analyze the courier companies. Many courier companies like PCA Masters have their own websites – http://www.pcamasters.com. Inside the courier companies’ websites, all of them would contain a contact form for you to leave your particulars and message to the courier company so that they can call you back to ask about your courier requests. Alternatively, you can also email them about your courier delivery requests if you do not want to use their contact form. Both messages at the different sources will probably end up inside the same company email inbox. Personally, I would prefer using the contact form as it is easier and simpler to use as compared to emailing.

Some courier companies went a step further and developed website application to take in courier delivery requests. For instance, you can check out PCA Masters’ website above; they have an instant quotation and booking page where consumers can check out their prices and make quick bookings on their website. I find this method the most direct and efficient way of ordering courier service.

Otherwise, you can also call them to ask for instant quotation. Bear in mind that most courier companies in Singapore are not very receptive to phone calls. Hence, submitting your courier delivery requests through the website application or contact form or email will be best.

Once the courier delivery request is made and confirmed by the courier companies, the courier will be coming down to your stated pick up location to pick up the item. Everything will be a breeze for you then, assuming that there are no incidents for your courier deliveries.

Tips For Couriering Your Documents And Parcels In Singapore

If you have never engaged local courier deliveries in Singapore, you may be slightly nervous about how the procedures is and how secure your parcel or document really is.

Here are some advice to ensure that your parcels and documents are always held safe and secure.

First and foremost, it’s absolutely crucial that you work with a courier firm which is reliable and trustworthy. You’re entrusting your company’s or personal most important belongings to the courier company’s contractors or employees to help you deliver it to somebody else because you do not have the time to do so. Not only is it important for them to be trustworthy, it’s important for the Singapore courier firm you engage to be responsive and accountable for their behavior and courier services.

Secondly, I highly do not recommend you to start working with a courier company on a large scale before testing out their services. This is because you would not be able to backtrack and find another courier company in the meantime when you’re suffering from the bad mistakes made by another courier company. It’s absolutely important that you understand that when it comes to courier services in Singapore, it’s best to trial them first before jumping.

Third of all,check out if there are online reviews of that company. Chances are, most companies have an online presence, e.g. a website, and you would be able to find out reviews provided by their customers on independent websites such as Google Plus reviews or Yelp reviews. There are lots of places to find out such reviews, and you should always look through them whenever available to make sure you’re making the right decision.