Meeting A Social Escort? Here Are Singapore’s Discreet Spots

If you are looking for a discreet dating spot in Singapore to bring your social escort to, it is very important to consider the location. Just like real estate investing, it is all about location, location, location. You want the place to be trendy enough, yet not too popular so that your friends or (gulps) girlfriend sees you. If you need a recommendation for a local escort agency, you may want to visit

Ready to take your social escort date to some of the most exotic and unique (nearly unheard of) locations in Singapore? Here are the top 5.

Firstly, you can learn how to fly a plane at Seletar Airport. That is right. Other than being the home to private jets in Singapore, Seletar Aerospace area has a flight school which allows you and your social escort to handle a virtual plane! Because this is used partly as a school to teach real pilots as well, this place will make you feel as though you are flying a real plane. Talk about a unique date in Singapore!

Second of all, you can bring your beautiful lady with you onto a floating donut! (See image below) This is basically a floating platform where a private captain and chef will take you out onto a calm part of the sea and then start cooking food for you! With prices between $58 to $188 per person, it is priced very affordably considering how unique it is with a private chef / captain as well. And partly because you are off the coast of Sentosa (an already exclusive location), and on a private floating platform, there is maximum privacy.

Floating Donut Singapore
Photo credits to: Flodoco

Third of all, you may want to check out Spiffy Dapper. A discreet bar located at 73 Amoy Street, this place is recommended due to the price point. It costs around $25 to $30 for a cocktail, and that will drive away most people, keeping the place relatively serene compared to some other more popular bars. However, rest assured, Spiffy Dapper still has great tasting alcohol. It’s also quiet enough for you to be able to strike up an easy conversation with your escort date.

Lastly, if you are too afraid of being seen by anyone else, then perhaps you can visit a local 4 or 5 star hotel and get room service. Most of these high class hotels in Singapore offer room service – and the food they provide are cooked fresh by their chef. It can be a tremendous experience as well, especially for the top hotels such as Ritz Carlton or Shangri La.

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