Tracking your courier deliveries in Singapore

Real-time tracking of courier deliveries is a common feature offered by logistics companies all over the world. Many consumers would have tracked the statuses of their international shipments from their online purchases. Courier companies in Singapore also offer tracking feature for their customers as well. Even though the delivery duration is much shorter for local courier services as compared to international deliveries, some consumers are tracking the statuses of their deliveries because of the time sensitive nature of the deliveries. They would probably need their items to be delivered on an urgent basis and are concerned if the delivery can make it on time.

There are several ways to track the statuses of your courier deliveries in Singapore. The first method will definitely be using the tracking feature on the courier company’s website or mobile application. Take note of your delivery reference number in the courier booking confirmation as you will need to input this number in the tracking application to find out the delivery status of your item.

In addition, companies such as PCA Masters ( have dedicated customer support staffs to attend to customers during office hours. If you are feeling lazy, simply call the courier company up to find out about the delivery status of your item. You should be able to get a near-instant reply for that. Just remember that you have to tell them your delivery reference number as well. Otherwise, you could tell them your name and other particulars (if needed, to verify your identity) so that they can find that delivery for you and get back to you.

The last method will be by emailing them to ask about the delivery status of your item. However, this is generally not recommended as emailing takes a much longer time than using their tracking application on their website and/or mobile application or by talking to them. By the time they get back to you, it may be hours after your email to them.

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