Why I almost always choose to outsource deliveries in Singapore

I almost always choose to outsource deliveries in Singapore. Unless the delivery location is somewhere that I will be passing by on the same day, or is somewhere near my location, I will choose to outsource deliveries to a courier company in Singapore. Some people may call me lazy, but I think that it is wise of me to do that.

1. Maximize my time for higher value activities
To me, delivery trips are low value activities. If I need to spend an hour to make the delivery myself, this hour will be lost opportunity cost for me. I could have used the hour for activities that would generate me more money. Ideally, the money I could make from this hour of work should cover the delivery cost. This is how wise people save their time for only the more important things in life. Let other people handle the less important and value work.

2. Courier companies can deliver more efficiently than me
If I will take an hour to find a place and get something delivered, the couriers could probably do it in half an hour. Couriers are already expert in navigating around Singapore. The average people could never beat them in delivering items in Singapore. This is assuming that the courier companies only take in capable couriers. Look for reliable courier companies such as PCAMasters and DHL as these courier companies train their couriers and ensure that their couriers are up to speed. Moreover, I might get lost trying to find the delivery location myself, even with the help of the Global Positional System (GPS). Hence, it’s better not to risk it and just outsource the deliveries to trust-able courier companies in Singapore.

3. I do not like manual labour
Delivering items are hard work, especially in a humid country like Singapore. Coupled with the fact that I perspire easily, I will definitely be drenched in sweat if I were to carry my items around under the hot sun. There’s a reason I look for desk-bound jobs.

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