Understanding the different types of Singapore courier services

There are different types of Singapore courier services available in the market.

Firstly, courier services in Singapore can be categorized according to service levels. The service levels vary in their delivery speeds. Usually, the latest delivery timing for customers are within the next day. However, there are exceptional cases where courier companies like PCA Masters are able to hold onto the customers’ items and deliver them at a future date longer than a day.

A higher service level as compared to next day deliveries is same day deliveries. This is the most frequently ordered courier service in Singapore. Same day deliveries will be completed anytime on the same day, and are usually ordered by corporate customers who have items to be delivered to another company within office hours.

Moving on, a higher service level as compared to same day deliveries are urgent courier service in Singapore. Urgent courier services can be in terms of 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours. The more urgent the delivery, the higher priced it is. Usually these time-sensitive deliveries are for important legal documents such as banking or tender documents.

Secondly, courier services in Singapore can also be categorized according to types of items being delivered. One type of items will definitely be documents and papers. These documents are light and small and can be transported by bikers. Another type of items will be medium-sized and large items which need to be delivered by vans. Examples of these items include large boxes, pull up banners, and computers. Due to the higher cost of vans, van deliveries are more expensive than bike deliveries. Therefore, you can expect to be charged more to deliver bulky items which can only be done via vans than delivering documents which can be done with a biker.

Thoroughly research the pricing provided by the courier companies in Singapore and know your delivery requirements. Find out if you have budget to engage the courier services for your deliveries.

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