• Can Being An Escort Change You?

    Some people are very attracted to the lifestyle of being an escort, yet are worried about whether there may be potential implications in their lives if they were to really become one. Here in the video below are some changes that you may want to consider before you become an escort – and it is not the way you think it is!

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  • Should You Work As An Escort In Singapore?

    Are you considering a career as a female social escort in Singapore? Escort jobs are generally fun, interesting and very high paying. The best part of it? If you are working in Singapore, it’s safe as well. However, there are certain points you should take note of before starting your job application.

    First of all, it is a heavily looks based job. This means that escort agencies screen their job applicants like how a modelling agency would. Of course, looks are not the only thing that social escort agencies in Singapore look at, but it is definitely a big part of it. Therefore, make sure you look slim, fit and with make up on when you send your photos for escort job application.

    Second of all, it is a customer oriented job. If you are not the type of person who is outgoing and bubbly and able to converse and interact well with clients, you will not be able to do well as an escort. However, if you are great at customer interaction and entertaining clients while always being able to act as though you are genuinely their girlfriend and be interested in everything they have to say, you will go far as a social escort.

    Third of all, most clients engage social escorts not to accompany them to events, but simply as a companion or for the girlfriend experience. So if you are looking to go to gala events, you may be sorely disappointed. However, if you can act as someone’s girlfriend even if you cannot stand his face, you will do fantastic as a social escort.

    As you can see, it is not all glamour, but it is definitely extremely high paying, and if you are great looking and good at customer service and providing the romantic girlfriend experience, you will be able to keep getting clients for your agency, and trust me, the agency will make you lots of money.

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    Where Can You Find The Best Escorts In Singapore?

    As a foreigner to Singapore, you are probably wanting to figure out where to find the best escorts you can have in Singapore to accompany you around your trip in Singapore.

    Upon your arrival, or perhaps online research, you will probably realize that escort agencies do not have physical offices in Singapore. Unlike that of certain countries, agencies do operate exclusively online only in Singapore. Therefore, you cannot go along a certain stretch of road to find them, as that will not be possible.

    However, that is a good thing, because they are easily found online thanks to the Internet! I will give you more tips on that later on.

    But for now, here are some ways and tips to navigate around Singapore’s escort industry to make sure that you end up with the right social escort.

    Tip number one: Know what type of social escort profile you like and decide beforehand

    Firstly, you have to know exactly what type of social escort you would like. And by that, I am referring to her external appearances as well as her age e.t.c. Most clients have a preferred type of girl, when they come to Singapore. For example, many clients like a local Chinese, Singaporean social escort who is not only educated but also very pretty and is younger than 28 years old. Do you have the same taste? If so, then move on to step 2. If you do not know what your taste exactly is yet, don’t go searching for an escort. First figure out what your personal preferences are.

    Tip number two: Google for escorts. They are easily found online. If you want genuine local Singaporean escorts using real images, strictly stick to agencies. Independents in Singapore are notorious for using fake images and fake description.

    Second of all, after knowing what you like, the simplest way to check out social escort agencies in Singapore is to Google for them. Just searching for social escorts on Google will yield you lots of local SG website results. You may find a number of defunct agencies randomly, and fake independents on sites such as Locanto or Skokka. Nearly all independent photos are not posted by a genuine local, Singaporean escort. If you want a Singaporean girl, steer clear of independent sites. A big tip for you is that local SG girls are found in agencies. Locals girls can almost only be exclusively found through social escort agencies. Therefore, if you want to engage a Singaporean escort, then your main way to do so is to go through agencies. If your goal is to find a foreign South East Asian girl, I have no idea why you are in Singapore to look for a foreign girl. You are in the wrong country 😛 We here love Singaporean girls.

    Tip number three: WhatsApp, Wechat, Telegram the agencies

    Thirdly, contact these agencies by messaging them. Do note that a good number of them may already be defunct. Some just went out of business because better agencies came into the industry, while others are possibly busted for illegal activities. Regardless, find some Singapore agencies you like, shortlist their girls and contact them. I strongly recommend that if you are in Singapore, to contact them via your Whatsapp or Wechat or some messaging app. There is a reason why I strongly recommend that you message them using WhatsApp or something similar. I will share that reason with you now.

    Tip number four: If you want extra photos of the suitable social escorts who are available, use a mobile messaging app such as WhatsApp to contact the agencies. This is so you can ask for and receive images for consideration. If you call them, they cannot forward you any kind of images!

    Anyway, when it comes to Singapore’s escort agencies, most of them have extra photos for their escorts available. They will only be able to send you over Whatsapp or Wechat. Therefore, I recommend that you contact them via that instead of calling, since you cannot receive pictures over phone calls!

    Tip number five: Be decisive and contact the escort agencies in Singapore after you have arrived in Singapore and decided on who you want. Shortlist a few from their escort gallery if you are not sure who is available.

    Last but not least, make sure to contact these agencies after you have more or less picked a meeting point as well as an escort, otherwise they may not entertain you. Social escorts around the world, and in Singapore, are notorious for not entertaining time wasting enquiries and shut you down fast. Therefore, make sure to know what you want, and then go to them asking for that escort, meeting place and time. They will entertain you quickly if you do that. Please note that escort agencies in Singapore usually do not send you a face photo of the escorts unless you are already an established customer with them. Most SG escort agencies only send censored photographs. This is quite normal in Singapore, so there is no need to be alarmed.