• Secret Lives Of Social Escorts Girls In Singapore City

    Have you ever wondered how a social escort lives in Singapore? Do they lead odd and secretive lifestyles? Or do they live a normal lifestyle – could they be a person you know in real life?

    If you have wondered the questions to any of the above or more regarding escorts in Singapore, then make sure to watch the following video by Straits Times RAZORTV! If you want to join an escort agency in Singapore, then check out www.facebook.com/sgvipservices, one of the rare few popular and legitimate agencies which have also been featured on Yahoo! News before.

    As you can see from the video above, many escorts lead double lives – either as a student or working adult, and then as a social escort during their free time. It is a legal profession in Singapore, but due to Singapore’s conservative culture, many girls do not like others to know that they are an escort. There are also some ways in which becoming one will change you, as you can see from my article here.

    One of the reasons why many girls in Singapore work under escort agencies is because these agencies also provide an extra privacy protection layer for the social escort models, as they never have to deal with the customers’ enquiries directly, and they only need to deal with the agency manager. Of course, this means that you need to engage in business only with reputable agencies in Singapore if you truly want your privacy to be protected. Most people who start off as an independent escort eventually join an agency, as it is much easier to find clients that way, and also provides extra privacy protection. With a serious social escort agency in Singapore, you never need to give out your number (either your main one or an extra number) to any of the clients – especially when you do not want harassment. This is actually also part of the reason why most of the highest paid and most attractive escorts in Singapore work under agencies.